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Regeneration Meeting

Britwell & Northborough regeneration meeting
by An Observer on 22/02/2006

A public meeting to discuss the Britwell & Northborough regeneration project took place tonight at the Britwell community hall.

Britwell/Northborough Regeneration meeting
At the meeting, with about 200 people present, the straw poll was unanimously against building on Farnham Lane. It was also unanimous against building on the other green spaces. If that is reflected in the wider consultation, then the whole regeneration scheme is dead as there is nothing to pay for it. Regeneration of the Wentworth shops got a split, but overall positive vote in a straw poll.

4 points stood out.

Firstly part of the regeneration was to be funded by the sale of Parish council land, yet several Parish councillors said they knew nothing about it, and indicated that they would not sell the land. Somewhat odd as 2 of the people behind the scheme (cllrs Wright and Shine (pictured right)) are Parish councillors.

Secondly, PJ is out and about and thinks that the proposals (put forward by The BILLD/Tory administration) is part of a Labour plan to win the local elections. You'll have to ask him for his logic on that one.

Thirdly, once cllrs Shine and Wright realised the extent of the opposition, both indicated that they were against the regeration proposals, so why did they back it in the first place? Its their administrations proposals that they were backtracking on.

And finally the cost. Well ,even if all the proposed green spaces were built on, there would still be a funding shortfall. The hope was that the ALMO organisation might put 5 million towards the regeneration, though it wasn't clear if the ALMO had been asked. That 5 million would have come from the 45 million earmarked for housing improvements for all of Slough. If however none of the land is sold, then the whole scheme falls anyway.

Don't forget to respond to the consultation document.

Section 2 allows you to make comments, and you might wish to ask what plans they have to find a home for STFC in Slough.

Back to square one?

Talk about this on the Fan's Forum

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