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Past Players

Past Players Index
by Nathan on 03/09/2007

A list of our past players (from 2003/04 onwards), plus player profiles. If a player moved to management during their stay with the club, they will be included under "management".

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Past Players
Name Date Left Position
Alan Judge April 2006 Assistant Reserve Team Manager/Goalkeeper
Calvin Maye March 2009 Coach
Carl Marsh December 2006 Goalkeeping Coach
Darren Salton May 2009 Assistant Manager
Darron Wilkinson November 2007 Manager/Midfielder
Derek Sweetman March 2009 Manager
Eddie Denton September 2006 Player/Manager
Freddie Hyatt May 2004 Player/Coach
Mark Betts March 2008 Manager
Mark West December 2006 Player/Manager
Michael Gilkes May 2004 Player/Coach
Mickey Lewis May 2005 Coach
Nick Roddis November 2007 Assistant Manager/Midfielder
Richard Barnard March 2008 Assistant Manager/Goalkeeper
Steve Hale April 2007 Assistant Manager/Forward
Steve Roberts March 2009 Assistant Manager
Aaron France September 2007 Goalkeeper
Adrian Blake May 2003 Goalkeeper
Alan Foster May 2004 Goalkeeper
Alex Tuttle October 2007 Goalkeeper
Bill Fishenden December 2007 Goalkeeper
Carl Dennison February 2009 Goalkeeper
Clark Masters April 2006 Goalkeeper
Jake Whincup November 2004 Goalkeeper
Jon Beams September 2008 Goalkeeper
Kieron Drake December 2006 Goalkeeper
Lee Carroll July 2008 Goalkeeper
Lee Farrow December 2006 Goalkeeper
Matt Pollard August 2007 Goalkeeper
Michael Parkin June 2006 Goalkeeper
Ricky Perks November 2010 Goalkeeper
Ross Ketteridge March 2008 Goalkeeper
Shaun Allaway July 2005 Goalkeeper
Aaron Steele June 2006 Defender
Adam Durrant January 2009 Defender
Adam Kassim April 2005 Defender
Adam Paget May 2006 Defender
Adrian Browne June 2006 Defender
Andrew Ballard June 2006 Defender
Andrew Iwediuno July 2009 Defender
Anthony Howard November 2003 Defender
Brian Connor August 2008 Defender
Chris Robinson July 2008 Defender
Chris Wild July 2010 Defender
Craig Price April 2007 Defender
Craig Roberts October 2008 Defender
Curtis Ujah September 2006 Defender
Daniel Hicks July 2009 Defender
Dean Harper October 2010 Defender
Donnell Allen February 2008 Defender
Eammon McConigely n/k Defender
Iain Duncain August 2007 Defender
Ian Lovegrove September 2006 Defender
James Saulsbury July 2005 Defender
Jamie Brooks November 2005 Defender
Jamie Jarvis November 2006 Defender
John Ellis n/k Defender
John Mousinho December 2005 Defender
Jon Mills June 2006 Defender
Josias Carbon October 2007 Defender
Julian Dale November 2007 Defender
Kyle Jeffery June 2010 Defender
Laurence Brown March 2009 Defender
Lee Rendell July 2008 Defender
Leon Woodruffe November 2007 Defender
Lloyd Dennison April 2007 Defender
Lucas Bizon n/k Defender
Luke Evans July 2009 Defender
Luke Van Spall December 2007 Defender
Marc Leach November 2006 Defender
Mark Avery July 2006 Defender
Mark Hokan August 2007 Defender
Mark Janes December 2007 Defender
Michael Murphy November 2007 Defender
Nathan Bowden-Haase July 2010 Defender
Nick Gyoury January 2005 Defender
Paul Barrowcliff May 2004 Defender
Paul Telfer July 2009 Defender
Ravinder Briach August 2007 Defender
Richard Orlu August 2008 Defender
Richard Pierson July 2008 Defender
Ricky Allaway March 2009 Defender
Rommell Gumbs n/k Defender
Rory Smith September 2009 Defender
Ryan Fenton March 2010 Defender
Ryan Wharton July 2008 Defender
Scott Webb April 2009 Defender
Steve Daly n/k Defender
Steve Dell December 2006 Defender
Steve Jackman September 2009 Defender
Abby Nsubuga July 2008 Midfielder
Adam Dickens n/k Midfielder
Adam Jasnikowski April 2007 Midfielder
Adam Martin July 2010 Midfielder
Alex Haddow February 2005 Midfielder
Billy Sentance July 2008 Midfielder
Byron Bubb July 2009 Midfielder
Chris Fermie July 2009 Midfielder
Chris Hibbs March 2008 Midfielder
Chris Payne December 2003 Midfielder
Christian Metcalfe November 2007 Midfielder
Clement James September 2007 Midfielder
Daniel Watford May 2003 Midfielder
Danny Jefferies July 2008 Midfielder
Danny Steer May 2005 Midfielder
Dave Barratt March 2008 Midfielder
David Thomas February 2008 Midfielder
Dean Clark July 2010 Midfielder
Dwain Clarke July 2010 Midfielder
George Moleski July 2008 Midfielder
Glen Harris November 2008 Midfielder
Grant Avis n/k Midfielder
Hassan Suleiman February 2007 Midfielder
Jagdeep Makh July 2009 Midfielder
James Duncan July 2010 Midfielder
James Mulley February 2007 Midfielder
James Pritchard January 2009 Midfielder
James Suarez March 2008 Midfielder
Jason Marney July 2008 Midfielder
John Gray September 2008 Midfielder
Johnny Mason September 2008 Midfielder
Lee Riddell January 2009 Midfielder
Leigh Mason November 2006 Midfielder
Leon Braithwaite n/k Midfielder
Leon Hibbert November 2009 Midfielder
Mark Bartley September 2007 Midfielder
Matt Glynn September 2006 Midfielder
Meddie Nsubuga July 2008 Midfielder
Michael Alexis January 2007 Midfielder
Michael Donnovan March 2007 Midfielder
Michael Perrineau-Daley April 2007 Midfielder
Mo Sharif July 2010 Midfielder
Paul Edgeworth July 2010 Midfielder
Rajbinder Gill November 2007 Midfielder
Rhys Price January 2008 Midfielder
Ryan Spencer August 2005 Midfielder
Ryan Williams October 2005 Midfielder
Sam Shepherd December 2003 Midfielder
Scott O'Rourke March 2007 Midfielder
Symon James May 2004 Midfielder
Terry O'Connor October 2010 Midfielder
Thomas Attrell July 2009 Midfielder
Tyrone Daly August 2005 Midfielder
Tyrone Sealney July 2010 Midfielder
Veli Hakki May 2005 Midfielder
Adam Wallace November 2006 Forward
Alex Gibson September 2006 Forward
Anaclet Odhiambo October 2006 Forward
Andrzej Jasnikowski September 2007 Forward
Andy Deaner April 2007 Forward
Anthony Thomas November 2010 Forward
Aston Venture n/k Forward
Charlie Ide May 2006 Forward
Chima Eberendu December 2007 Forward
Chris West October 2007 Forward
Craig O'Connor October 2010 Forward
Daniel Cann April 2005 Forward
Danny Jordan Marcj 2010 Forward
Daryl Harris September 2007 Forward
David Iwediuno July 2009 Forward
David Ocquaye March 2008 Forward
Elliot Buchanan July 2010 Forward
Elyas Bakishan March 2005 Forward
Enrico Grimm February 2008 Forward
Errol Telemaque November 2006 Forward
Gareth McCleary January 2007 Forward
Glen Faircluth August 2007 Forward
Ian Hodges June 2006 Forward
Jermaine Gumbs July 2008 Forward
John Hind April 2008 Forward
Josh Miller March 2008 Forward
Josiah Hunte January 2006 Forward
Kyle Jeffery December 2007 Forward
Landy Sakala June 2008 Forward
Lee Charles January 2008 Forward
Matt Miller November 2007 Forward
Matt Murphy June 2005 Forward
Matthew Platt May 2009 Forward
Matt Seedel January 2007 Forward
Stanley Mugisha n/k Forward
Terry Davies July 2008 Forward
Tony Boot May 2004 Forward
Tommy Hayes July 2010 Forward
Usif Bangura May 2008 Forward
Yashwa Romeo August 2009 Forward

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